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Summary Table by Chemical of National Cancer Institute/National Toxicology Program Bioassays by Chemical

This table is an index and summary of experimental results of the National Cancer Institute/National Toxicology Program (NCI/NTP) bioassays in the CPDB. A table organized by chemical name reports for 444 chemicals: the sex-species groups that have been tested, the strongest level of evidence for carcinogenicity in rats and mice based on the NCI or NTP evaluation. Target organs in each sex-species tested are reported for NCI/NTP evaluations of “clear” or “some” evidence of carcinogenicity. The table is searchable by chemical name and CAS number. A legend at the top of the Table describes the the methods used for positivity and mutagenicity and defines the codes for target sites. To see the legend for printing, click here.

Chemical names are listed alphabetically, and Chemical Abstracts Service registry (CAS) number and mutagenicity in Salmonella are reported. The level of evidence for carcinogenicity in NCI/NTP Technical Reports is described in a series of superscripts. The Rich Text Format of the Summary Table is readily downloadable to databases.

Comparative analyses are quickly available in this NCI/NTP Summary Table, e.g. whether a chemical that is positive in the rat has been tested in the mouse by NCI/NTP, whether a chemical that is evaluated as positive in the rat is also positive in the mouse, and whether the target organs are the same in the two species.

Technical Reports that are not included in the CPDB because the route of administration or the test agent does not meet the inclusion rules of the CPDB are reported here.

The NCI/NTP Summary Table by Chemical is available in the following formats:

For a summary compendium of NCI/NTP bioassay results organized by target site, click here.

For chemical structure, molecular weight, SMILES and InChi codes for each chemical, click here.

See also the list of synonyms for the Carcinogenic Potency Database.

Full Tehcnical Reports of NCI/NTP bioassays are located here:

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Last updated: August 6, 2007

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