Ranking Possible Cancer Hazards on the HERP Index (Human Exposure/Rodent Potency)

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In several papers (Ames et al., 1987; Ames et al., 1995; Ames et al., 1990a; Gold et al., 1999; Gold et al., 1992), we have emphasized the importance of setting research and regulatory priorities by gaining a broad perspective about the vast number of chemicals to which humans are exposed. A comparison of potential hazards using a simple index can be helpful in efforts to communicate what might be important factors in cancer prevention and when selecting chemicals for chronic bioassay, mechanistic, or epidemiologic studies (Ames et al., 1987; Ames et al., 1990b; Gold et al., 1992; Gold et al., 1997). There is a need to identify what might be the important cancer hazards among the ubiquitous exposures to rodent carcinogens in everyday life.

HERP ranking and methodology

Last updated: May 23, 2003

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