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The Carcinogenic Potency Project

Publications from the Carcinogenic Potency Project (CPDB) by Topic

Lois Swirsky Gold, PhD, Director

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Research Areas:

Methodological Analyses of Bioassay Results

Species Comparisons of Carcinogenicity and Potency

Target Organs of Chemical Carcinogens

Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis and the Interpretation of the High Proportion of Chemicals that Test Positive

Risk Assessment Techniques

The Background of Naturally-Occurring Chemicals vs. Synthetic Chemicals: Setting Priorities Among Possible Cancer Hazards

Occupational Exposures and Possible Cancer Hazards

Disparities in Risk Estimates for Pesticide Residues in Food

Misconceptions About the Causes of Cancer

Plots of the Carcinogenic Potency Database

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Last updated: September 1, 2011

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