Frequently Asked Questions

  • What years do TOXLINE and DART cover?
  • How often are the databases updated?
  • Where can I get training in searching TOXNET?
  • Can I use TOXNET on my mobile device?
  • Does TOXNET include information on prescription and nonprescription drugs?
  • What additional drug information resources are provided by NLM?
  • Does TOXNET use cookies?
  • Can an error in a citation be corrected?
Searching TOXNET
  • How do I limit my results by date, age group, language, type of article, etc.?
  • How do I remove PubMed citations from TOXLINE or DART searches?
Viewing, Printing, and Saving
  • In what order are the citations displayed in TOXNET?
  • How do I sort my results?
  • How do I print TOXNET search results?
  • How do I save TOXNET search results?
  • How can I store a TOXNET search strategy?
Creating Links to TOXNET
Managing References
  • How do I get the full text version of articles I find in a search?
  • How do I cite a reference from a TOXNET database?
  • How do I borrow a book?
  • How do I find a library that can help me with health information?
  • How do I import citations into my reference management program?
  • How do I find a journal listed in a reference?
  • Where can I get a list of journals in TOXNET?
Downloading TOXNET Datasets
  • How do I download datasets from TOXNET?
  • Who do I contact if I have questions about the XML data in the datasets?
  • How often are the TOXNET datasets updated on the FTP download site?
  • What sources do you use to create ChemIDplus?
  • How often is ChemIDplus updated?
  • What is the difference between ChemIDplus Lite and Advanced?
  • Why do I get a message about the Marvin Applet when I start ChemIDplus?
  • Why do I get a warning about loading Java when I start ChemIDplus?
  • How do I draw or edit structures with Marvin in ChemIDplus?
  • How do I draw or edit with Chime and Accelrys Draw?
  • How do I download a single structure Mol file in ChemIDplus?
  • How do I view a structure in ChemIDplus?